How long does it take to get custom skateboards made?
Anywhere from 4 – 8 weeks, sometimes more, depending on the time of the year.

What is the minimum order for private label decks?
There is no minimum order, we can make one deck if needed, however, 30 deck minimum would be preferred order quantity.

Can you make a custom skateboard deck in one day?
Yes, for promotional purposes only. Rush fee will apply.

Why does it take a long time to get custom skateboards made?
Skateboards are made by hand; from sorting the veneers, dying wood in tanks, pressing, curing, cutting, sanding, printing and shrink wrapping. Most of the production steps are done by hand. It is a time consuming process.

What type of wood do you use?
All seven layers are Hard Rock Maple veneers. Skateboard decks are cold pressed.

What are the color options to print on skateboards?
– CMYK, four color process
– Pantone spot colors
– Digital printing
– Foil applications
– Metallic inks
– Fluorescent colors
– Glow in the dark colors
– Raised ink
– Velvet felt
– Color changing ink

What is the difference between heat pressed decks and cold pressed decks?
Cold pressed decks are stronger, stiffer and longer lasting; they have more pop. Heat pressed decks are softer and drier; they crack or break faster.

What types of shapes do you have?
We have 3 different shapes:
– Round nose with tapered tail, standard wheelbase
– Round nose with round tail, standard wheelbase
– Pointy nose with tapered tail, standard wheelbase

What sizes do you carry:
– 7.25 (mini)
– 7.5
– 7.625
– 7.75
– 7.875
– 8.0
– 8.125
– 8.25
– 8.38
– 8.5
– 8.625
– 8.75
– 9.0

Can you make custom shapes?
Yes, we can do customer shapes, 8-12 turnaround time.

What size does the artwork need to be?
9×33″, 300 dpi if Photoshop file, 9×33″ if Illustrator file with fonts converted to outlines. All linked files must be included.